What is Consultation?

Consultation is for Early Childhood Services and Primary School settings. As an early childhood educator herself and working with many early childhood services and primary schools over the years, Alana realises that it is often difficult to get specialised support.  Therefore, consultation will be tailored specifically to the needs of the services requiring support. 

How does Consultation Work?

A tailored package will be developed to support the service and staff in whatever areas they need and for whatever time frame they would like.  The package time frames may be short (1 term), medium (2 terms) or long (a year) .   A range of programs and assistance can be included such as observations, training, sunshines circles and more.

Through Consultation Staff can be supported in:

  • Increasing children’s social and emotional wellbeing
  • Inclusion of all children
  • Developing routines and schedule
  • The use of visuals to support the program
  • Program planning
  • Creating positive connections
  • Supporting play skills

Consultation services may include:


Aimed at supporting educators in developing their skills in enhancing children’s social and emotional wellbeing and inclusion. This may include support in: 
– general programming including implementing routines, using visuals and planning for all children
– general strategy support including increasing social skills, emotion regulation and play skills 
– creating positive connections 
– ideas to increase age appropriate behaviours.

Sunshine Circles

What is Sunshine Circles?

Program to support social emotional development of children, including relationship development amongst staff and children in early childhood or primary settings.

For more information see: 


A range of options to support staff knowledge, skills and understandings.

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